Enabling better buildings
We are dedicated to using building science know-how to improve building quality, enhance occupant well-being, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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We believe, that integrating building science know-how in the building design and operation phases can significantly improve occupant health and well-being alongside building quality while enabling buildings to contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Better Buildings

Improving health, comfort and sustainability of buildings

Zero Carbon

Fostering environmentally responsible building practices and technologies


Cultivating a culture of transparency and honesty in all our actions and decisions


C3RRO enables better buildings through innovative and accessible building science simulation solutions.


Our mission is to revolutionize building design and performance through best in class building science simulation tools and expertise. We strive to make holistic simulation accessible, user-friendly, and cost-effective, leveraging cutting-edge computing technologies and partnering with top building science research labs. Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve energy-efficient, comfortable, and durable buildings, through a modern compute environment.

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Our Story
At C3rro (pronounced “zero”), our story began with our extensive experience in developing some of the world-renowned WUFI products, including WUFI Plus, the hygrothermal building simulation tool, and WUFI Passive, the building energy certification software. Our work at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics made us realize the importance of bringing these tools out of the research environment and into practical, modern solutions to get the next generation of these powerful building science tools into the hands of those who can best use them to create sustainable, healthy, and efficient buildings.
The name C3rro represents our core services – Coding, Computing, and Consulting. With these services, we aim to help build a zero-carbon future, where buildings consume zero energy, with zero durability, comfort, or air quality issues.
As a Bavarian company, we draw inspiration from the white and blue C3rrocumulus sky and bring “moisture (simulation) into the cloud” through cloud-powered hygrothermal simulation. Our goal is to unleash the full potential of hygrothermal building simulation and contribute to a better, more sustainable built environment.

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