Current and Completed Research Projects

Demonstration of developed thermal storage technologies
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Building Envelope Data

Efficient provisioning of building envelope data for planning software

Windheizung Demo

The “Windheating 2.0: Demo” project is aimed at further developing and demonstrating a sector coupling compatible between increasing renewable energy generation and heat supply for highly thermally efficient buildings. The planned project will further develop the entire system technology of Windheizung 2.0, examine user interaction with technology and regulation, and assess user acceptance of the system. A building with a heating demand in the passive house standard range will be equipped with one of four Windheating 2.0 storage technologies. The project team will support the corresponding building owners and their technical planners in implementing the Windheating 2.0 concept. In addition to the Windheating 2.0 building and its technical equipment, a system-compatible, network-friendly and market-friendly “Windheating” switching signal is required.

Indoor Air Quality Climate Change (IAQCC) model

Fraunhofer IBP and WKI partnered with C3RROlutions to create the new Indoor Air Quality Climate Change (IAQCC) model system. The IAQCC model is a holistic approach that combines different sub-models, allowing for short and long-term predictions of the indoor climate. The IAQCC model system allows for the simulation of indoor gas and particle concentrations with outdoor influences using the building physics model of WUFI® Plus as simulation master to simulate indoor temperature, humidity, and pollutant transport in building zones.


The EQWIN-P project aims to create a seamless process chain from planning, targeted sampling, and procurement to the industrial production of façade components and their ultimate implementation, maintenance, and operation as the building’s envelope. An API and metadata schema will be developed to facilitate information flow between stakeholders and eliminate media interruptions, forming the foundation of the EQWIN-P network. The project is supported by a consortium of component manufacturers, software companies, and planners and will make data and calculations publicly accessible through a common API. The results of EQWIN-P will make it easier for component manufacturers to share their product data and make energy-efficient buildings more economical.

Windheizung 2.0

C3RROlutions helped Fraunhofer IBP achieve their research goals by developing and implementing advanced building simulation technology for the “Windheizung 2.0: LZ-Speicher” project. The project focuses on developing storage technologies for excess wind power to heat buildings using high-temperature stone storage, water storage, and integrated building component storage. C3RROlutions provided expertise in building simulation and model building to support the future market entry of the “Windheizung 2.0” system.

Active House

Radar Tool

Use of the Radar Tool