Plus – a comprehensive simulation tool for evaluating the dynamic energy needs and indoor climate of buildings and hygrothermal conditions within building components powered by WUFI® technology

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Plus simulates the indoor environment and is therefore suitable for addressing comfort and energy consumption in buildings. Since simulations are based on user-specified climate and on user-defined ventilation, HVAC, and internal loads, the simulations can accurately represent the situation at hand. Simulation of the interaction between building usage and system technology allows for integral assessment of indoor climate, hygienic conditions, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and damage to building components as a function of heating and cooling loads and the necessary effort to humidify/dehumidify.

Integrated modules for dynamic analysis of shading conditions and for air exchange between conditioned zones and the outside further expand the capabilities of Plus. The easy-to-use graphical user interface is connected to multiple databases, and extensive options for presenting results allow users to evaluate proposed designs quickly and accurately.

Some of the main features of Plus Cloud are as follows:

Multi-zone building simulation with hygrothermal calculations for all components

Energy demand calculations for maintaining heating, cooling, humidification, and dehumidification set-points

3-D visualization of the building with geometry import options

Comprehensive databases for climate, materials, components, and windows

Flexible scheduling for internal loads and HVAC equipment

Dynamic calculation of air exchange between zones