Active House Radar

A certification tool for the Active House Association

Modernizing legacy tools for better user experience: C3RROlutions and Active House collaboration

Active House Radar Tool Development

The Active House Association, an organization that creates new specifications for energy-efficient buildings, had an existing but outdated certification software. The organization required a next-generation Active House Radar tool that could provide a more modern and user-friendly experience for their users.

They approached C3RROLUTIONS with the goal to create a modern Active House Radar tool that would enable a good user flow for inputting both qualitative and quantitative criteria. Additionally, it was important for the tool to visually show results for easy analysis.

The proposed solution was a web-based tool with a modern user interface. The tool would include all inputs for the radar, but also inputs for qualitative criteria. There would also be a comprehensive option to compare variants and cases.

The modern, fast, and accessible web-based certification tool is easy to use, but also includes complex building science requirements. This allows Active House to better serve their users by providing a more efficient and user-friendly certification process.

The software was implemented using a modern tech stack as a single page application with a backend database. Its containerization enables a streamlined deployment process and allows for quick testing and feedback, and ensure that the software is always up-to-date.

The new software created fulfills all client requirements and includes comprehensive building science know-how. The software is also linked to self-explaining training and support pages, making it easy for users to understand and utilize the tool.



Advantages to partner with C3RRO for software programming

User focused experience

User-focused interface with a highly efficient, intuitive, and streamlined software program that meets users specific needs and enhances their workflow

Deep building science know-how

Expert building science know-how contributing to an improved version of the holistic certification tool

Quick implementation

Timely execution and frequent, collaborative interaction with the client led to a successful implementation


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