Hygrothermal Forensics

Hygrothermal Forensics

Hygrothermal Forensics is made easy with C3RRO’s products and services.


Accurate Analysis

C3RRO’s tools offer precise hygrothermal simulations for comprehensive building analysis.

Efficient Investigation

C3RRO’s services streamline the investigation process, saving time and resources.

Industry Leading Hygrothermal Simulation

C3RRO’s technology and WUFI® powered hygrothermal simulation provides reliable results for better decision-making.


Recommended Solutions

C3RRO® Datasets

Material and weather data for the design and certification of passive buildings


Use our expertise to increase efficiency

C3RRO® Plus

A comprehensive tool for the hygrothermal forensics of buildings

Case Study

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Active House

Radar Tool

Use of the Radar Tool