Enhancing the Energy Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness of Building Envelopes

Efficient Provision and Utilization of Product Data in Planning Software


“EQWIN-P: Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness of Building Envelopes through Efficient Provision and Utilization of Product Data in Planning Software”: This project aims to improve the cost-effectiveness of energy-efficient buildings by automating the processing of building envelope data. A key focus is on developing an interface specification that allows automated exchange of data between databases and applications. Currently, manual transfer of building envelope data between different applications is necessary due to various data formats and implicit knowledge.

The project envisions servers with databases offering different types of data through a new Application Programming Interface (API). Additionally, “Method as a Service” servers would process data based on selected methods and return the results. The developed interface specification will be provided to software companies for free, enabling them to enhance their software products with unified data access. Laboratories will operate their own database servers to make measurement data readily available. The project also considers future possibilities, such as component manufacturers operating database servers to provide additional information on building envelope elements.

Building projects can store building envelope elements with unique identifiers in their Building Information Modelling (BIM) for easy retrieval. The project’s goal is to implement this system, resulting in servers for databases and “Method as a Service” offered by various entities. EQWIN-P aims to simplify and accelerate the use of up-to-date building envelope data, leading to more cost-effective energy-efficient buildings. By creating a unified platform for data exchange, the project overcomes the current fragmentation of applications and enables efficient data sharing between manufacturers, software applications, and planners.





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