C3RRO® Passive

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C3RRO® Passive

C3RRO® Passive is a powerful tool designed for architects, engineers, and building professionals. It calculates the energy demand of buildings on either a monthly or annual basis, powered by cutting-edge WUFI® technology and is widely used as a certification software worldwide. The tool takes into account various factors such as transmission, ventilation, radiation, and internal loads. The result is a comprehensive energy balance, which includes the calculation of final energy demand and primary energy, depending on the energy sources used.

C3RRO Passive provides a unique double assessment of buildings. Firstly, it uses a monthly energy balance method to evaluate if the building meets the Passive House criteria. Secondly, the same building model can be used for a detailed dynamic assessment of hygrothermal behavior and building components in combination with C3RRO Plus. This allows for identifying potential ways to reduce energy demand, analyzing comfort conditions in different zones, and developing strategies to prevent moisture-related problems in building components.

By combining the monthly balance and dynamic method, Passive Houses can be designed to be optimally adapted to the outdoor climate conditions, while ensuring comfortable indoor conditions. With C3RRO Passive, architects, engineers, and building professionals can confidently create buildings that are energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable.

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