C3RRO® Plus

comprehensive hygrothermal building simulation

C3RRO® Plus

C3RRO® Plus is a cutting-edge simulation tool designed for architects and engineers to evaluate the energy needs and indoor climate of buildings. The software leverages WUFI® technology to accurately simulate the dynamic interactions between building usage and building systems. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of indoor comfort, hygienic conditions, indoor air quality, and potential damage to building components.
The software’s graphical user interface is user-friendly and connected to multiple databases, making it easy to evaluate designs and present results. With features such as multi-zone building simulation with hygrothermal calculations for all components, energy demand calculations, 3-D visualization of the building with geometry import options, and flexible scheduling for internal loads and HVAC equipment, C3RRO® Plus is a valuable tool for architects and engineers looking to optimize the indoor environment of their buildings.
Additionally, the software includes integrated modules for dynamic analysis of shading conditions and air exchange between conditioned zones and the outside, further expanding its capabilities. With a comprehensive database for climate, materials, components, and windows, C3RRO® Plus provides the necessary tools for architects and engineers to accurately assess proposed designs quickly and accurately.
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