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Empowering sustainable building design and operation through cutting-edge computing solutions that prioritize health, comfort, and low energy consumption.


Providing expert consulting to integrate building science knowledge, increase productivity, and solve research questions.


Developing software solutions to aid clients in designing and operating energy-efficient, healthy, and comfortable buildings.

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Trustworthy and efficient building simulations with customizable, user-friendly software and seamless integration. Expert technical support included.


Rely on our expert building science knowledge and support for tailored, accurate and cost-effective solutions.

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Expand your building science expertise, advance research and development, and stay compliant with our support and knowledge transfer resources.
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C3RRO (speak: ze·ro) is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP), specializing in providing building science expertise through innovative tools and consulting services. At our core we aim to contribute to a zero carbon future by enabling the creation and operation of better buildings.


At C3RRO, we believe in harnessing the full potential of hygrothermal building simulation to create a better, more sustainable built environment.
The C3 in our name is inspired by the three key services we offer:
By leveraging cloud-based computing and integrating building science expertise, we provide cutting-edge, interactive solutions to meet the needs of the modern construction industry. Join us on our mission to build better, zero energy buildings with zero durability, comfort, and air quality issues.

Meet the Team Behind C3RRO

At C3RRO, our team is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for building simulation. With over 50 years of combined experience in building science software programming and distribution, our founders have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in the industry.
By leveraging the latest cloud-based computing technology, we are able to offer interactive and modern processes that integrate building science know-how. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence is at the core of what we do.

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Active House Radar 2.0:
A certification tool for the Active House Association

C3RRO Passive:
Passive building design and certification powered by WUFI® technology and used as a certification software worldwide.

Windheizung 2.0:
Models to help utilize thermal storage for a future renewable electrical grid.

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